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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Attempted Pencil Drawing of Daisies

Posting another doodle of my daisies. I drew these as I tried to think of a design to paint on a china plate. I want a bouquet of daisies with blue ribbon to wind through it. Here I am focused on the dark shadows behind the petals to emphasize the shapes of each petal. I love drawing flowers, but probably need to be taught the real techniques of doing them right. O well.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Connect with a Ribbon

I begin with one shape and then fill the page by connecting each shape with ribbons winding through holes placed in the shapes. Adding a splash of color catches the eye to the smallest button hole. This is the front of a "hello" greeting card sent to an elderly friend living miles away.

My Favorite Spring Flower

Just doodling with a pencil as I enjoy the signs of Spring around my own little palace. These flowers grace the edge of our driveway in an array of royal colors reminding me of my Creator's care. My scrapbooks are filled with drawings of my Iris decor in little "rock" gardens since my pre-teen years. I really love the varieties and grace of the IRIS.

My First "Maggies"!

I just received my first order of several "Tilda" poses and my Magnolia-Ink Fairy Tale! I love this adorable little person. She is a new hobby of coloring and shading for me! What fun! I can't wait to visit my grand daughters and make Tilda and Edwin paper dolls for our play. Because I am new with this little doll, I spend many hours reading other members blogs. I sure enjoy all the creations of magnolia-licious stamps, flowers, and embellishments!
Someday, I might have a project to post, too. Debi