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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Full House

Memories of my trip to one of the beautiful tropical islands of Indonesia linger as I begin to settle in at home once again. I am so glad to be back with my Don, yet I allow my mind to return to the nostalgic scenes of wicker furniture, beach towels slung over the drying rack, and ivory linen curtains draped over windows, gently swaying in the soft breeze coming off the southern ocean. I recall the drives through busy streets, the noise of roosters at dawn, and even the laughter of uniformed children playing in the alleys on their way home from various schools. It was so easy to fall in love with the beautiful people I met along the way, and the variety of tasty dishes linger deliciously in my mind.
With my family returning with me, sad goodbyes were tender moments as friends hugged, and quiet tears surfaced while we pulled away and headed for the airport. Those difficult moments were overcome by listing hellos waiting to greet us on the other side of the globe, and once we boarded the plane, each buckled down for the long journey to the good ole' USA. The flights were lengthy, yet pleasantly full of conversation and play with my grand daughters, aided by some friendly flight attendants adding some congenial conversation. 

So, at the end of a wonderful summer, reality sighs at the sight of school buses, jackets, browning of leaves and the closing of the neighborhood pool. For me, home has become the sounds of laughter and play with 2 little girls, cuddling a newborn while watching for her smiles, meeting needs of an elderly dad, and a larger pile of family laundry and ironing!

Four generations fill my small sweet home now with our bedroom moved into the downstairs craft room, the little family comfortably settled in the upper home, and my elderly Dad, returned from his east coast visit, residing in the first level family room. The buzz around the dinner table tell of the happenings of the day as the dishwasher shows real signs of use, and my weary body begs rest, but we are so blessed! As we fall asleep each night, we pause for a moment to thank our Heavenly Father for His faithfulness and goodness.