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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A New Grand daughter and Missing Don!

Weary from days of several flights, we finally arrived in SE Asia on June 24th to be greeted with shouts of "Grandma!" and "Grandpa!" as 2 little girls pushed through the crowd and ran toward us! Bouncing & skipping partners led us to the van, all the while chattering and giving detailed stories of their hopes and planned activities! Glancing out the windows we saw familiar sights of a tropical island, yet it was the squeezes and "My grandma!" whispers that cuddled my heart.
The girls had grown so big in the past year, but those hugs were even better than we remembered!
Eventually, one of them announced, "Mommy had our baby sister yesterday!" She was a week early, but in a hurry to join the world and very much welcomed!
When we pulled into the drive, there stood our daughter with our new grand daughter in her arms!
What fun we've had these past 14 days, but now, it is time for my husband to return to work. His plane departed Friday for the 37 hours of travel back to our home in the USA. I stayed behind with the family and will return home in August.
While "Foamie" creating with my grand daughters, my heart prayed for the jet planes that carried my Don further and further away. It is bittersweet. Being with family, but separated from my dear Don. I wanted to tell him how much I love him and miss him and remembered the best method to send a message has always been to "post it".
I took a white piece of foam and colored the background with markers. Then I added little sticky-backed foam palm trees to add dimension. Finally, I colored this Tilda with copics and placed her in the midst of tropical foam flowers.
With this card posted, I send lots of love to my dear Don who just arrived home safely and also know that this little piece of foam will become a keepsake I'll add to my scrap book memories of this summer spent doing crafts with my grand daughters!


  1. Hi Debi,
    oh! she is so gorgeous. I'm glad your holiday is such a happy one. Before you know it you will be with your dear Don once again. I love the little card for him.
    Hugs Marion

  2. Awe.... what a sweet card for you Don. He will really love it you know and it will be a keepsake for sure. Glad Don made the trip home safely as well. Once he is rested up THEN he's gonna find that house is soooo quiet and want you to hurry home! ha.....
    Enjoy the babies......

  3. She's adorable! A beautiful blessing! Your card is very sweet too!

  4. Debi,
    Wow.... Your grand daughter is very very cute. Too precious!!!
    She is so lucky to have grand parents like you!!!!
    Your card is amazing, I really like those foam stickers!!


  5. What a little beauty. I don't suppose you'd let me borrow her for a while, would you? No grandkids but would sure love to have some.
    Sue S.
    frustrated wanna be gramma.

  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful post!
    Linda C

  7. Oh what a delightful post! Congratulations on your newest granddaughter! She is quite precious! Hard to be separated from our mates though, and having been a military wife I sure understand the depth of those separations! Enjoy your little family while you have the chance, lots of hugs and kissess and super memories for them while you can. Thanks for sharing your story and your darling card, made on the fly!

  8. Congratulations!!! Love your card too :)

  9. Oh she is SWEET! I must look away before you give me baby fever!

  10. Congrats "gramma"...she's absolutely precious! Grandbabies are THE BEST!!
    Pat Frank

  11. Congratulations, that new baby is a cutie. What a cute card!

  12. Congratulations Debi and she is so adorable and gorgeous!!!

  13. Congratulations Debi! She's absolutely only a stone throw away should you need anything...

    Dewi - in Jakarta, Indonesia

  14. Debi, she is adorable! It must be wonderful to spend this prescious time with her and your other granddaughters. Your card is on its way. hugs Shelley