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Monday, December 27, 2010

The year at a glance...

Taking down the calendar always makes me stop and reflect on the year and where each month took us. 2010 was memorable, and worth a moment to recall the highlights.
road to the house from pool
It started with a rough winter with more snow than I remembered ever falling in my yard, and I longed for Spring. Then, the birds and blossoms grabbed my attention as I cleaned up the yard and prepared for a beautiful landscape! Well...that never happened! A trip to see family to welcome the newest little one filled our minds with plans for length, flights, gifts to take, and so on.
the new addition 
Finally, that day arrived and the plane lifted off the ground with our excited hearts wondering if we would arrive before our third grand daughter made her appearance. How thrilled we were to see her preciously held in my daughter's arms at the front door of their home when we arrived 37 hours later! We spent 2 wonderful weeks vacationing with the family, and then, Don left me to return to work in America.
I loved all my time in Indonesia and have wonderful memories of many activities and play with the grand daughters occupying my days, while Don and I were separated by the oceans. Finally, after putting everything in storage, closing the tropical home, saying sad goodbyes to very close friends, the whole family returned to the states with me, and we enjoyed 2 more months together in our cozy home!

mountains surrounding Knoxville, TN
In October, we had an unforgettable rare weekend trip to Knoxville to visit my younger daughter. Sight-seeing, shopping, and a drive left us remembering breath-taking scenes made by the surrounding mountains with southern hospitality filling our tummies.

My dad shares Thanksgiving with us
My elderly dad returned from the east coast where he was visiting while I was away.
The eight of us looked forward to Thanksgiving when our younger daughter and her husband would join us. How fun it was to be all together for the first time in 3 years! The weekend passed absolutely too quickly. Then, our kids packed their suitcases and departed for the holidays with other family members while Don and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with my Dad. the end of this week, we'll begin 2011. Can you believe it?!

Thank you card of kindness
A fresh new calendar decorates the wall, and for a few moments, no scribbles for appointments have messed its pages. We're counting our blessings for the path God led us on in 2010, and for all the opportunities we had with friends and family.
Thank you for all who visited, called, wrote, or even hung out with us for a day or two! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on some of my creativity and for being online friends.
A new calendar, a new adventure, and fresh new opportunity to serve the Lord with gladness and know His love. Have a wonderful start for the brand new year, and may you see God's hand of blessing on you and your family's lives. Love, Debi

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