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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garden Seats Featured MY Blog???

"You've got mail!" gave me a wonderful surprise this morning! So, before I display my latest "exploration" of my new Cricut cartridges, let me encourage you to check this out...

My doodlings are featured in "Best Blogs". Does that mean anything? I don't know...but wow, if it opens another outlet so others see the enjoyment I find in being more and more like my Creator as I create a little bit of beauty to encourage others, then, praise God!

Garden bench...what a wonderful dream for all who seem buried by the latest snowstorms, and long for another season to hurry the warmth and sun. Hope springs eternal, right? I browsed Shiela's blog and found this photo. Creating a scene made my giggles erupt as I tried to imagine a leisure moment, wrapped in a homespun quilt, a cute little ground fire to warm my frozen toes, and my gloved fingers hugging a steaming cup of tea! I almost could envision the fun in it...just to dream of SPRING!

So, thank you, Shiela, for popping over and enjoying what you saw on my blog. May your "garden seats" encourage others to take a moment to sit in leisure and enjoy the beauty around them. I hope we all take a moment today to meditate on our God who created all things for His glory, and find peace in our lives! Thank you for sharing your love of benches and gardens with us and for this lovely photo that reminds us that "moments of awe" are found even in the littlest snow flake covering your benches! ''
Oh! Don't let me forget to show off my display of "snowflakes" from new cartridges! 

I have no idea why these cards are flopped sideways - not like that on my computer! That's the way it is with a non-tech person, I guess! At least, you get the idea that I am thoroughly enjoying myself on this snowy winter day! Blessings on your day!

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